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ZIP System™ Liquid Flash

For the ultimate versatility for sealing every rough opening, ZIP System liquid flash is a fluid-applied flashing membrane made of STPE (silyl-terminated-polyether) technology. This high-performance formulation combines the durability of silicones with the toughness of urethanes.

  • 10.3 oz. Cartridge

  • 20 oz. Sausage

  • 29 oz. Cartridge

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01 Products

10.3 oz. Cartridge

Best for flashing windows

20 oz. Sausage

Standard for panel seams, windows and doors

29 oz. Cartridge

Standard for panel seams and foundations

Packaging Options

Typical Coverage: Window Sill Flashing (2' × 4' Framing)Cured ThicknessCompound TechnologyWater and Air PenetrationInstallation Temperature RangeExposureTack-Free TimeCure TimeVapor Permeance
10.3 oz. Cartridge10 LF
(Approx. Three 3' Window Sills)
12 milsSTPE PolymerASTM E331: Pass

ASTM E2357: Pass
35–110°F180 days20–40 minutes[1]12 mils
4 hours[1]
23–24 perms at 15 mils thickness
20 oz. Sausage20 LF
(Approx. Six 3' Window Sills)
29 oz. Cartridge29 LF
(Approx. Nine 3' Window Sills)

Complies with AAMA 714-15

02 Why It Works

Engineered for sealing irregular, curved or hard-to-flash areas. Seal it in a flash.

  • Variety of Surfaces

    Bonds to wood, concrete, masonry, architectural metals, glass, PVC, FRP, EPDM and most other building materials.

  • Quick Cure Time

    Weather-resistant and tack-free in as quick as 20–40 minutes[1], depending on conditions. Target thickness achieved when substrate is no longer visible.

  • Weather Protection

    Backed by a 30-year limited warranty and 180-day Exposure Guarantee when used with ZIP System sheathing[2].

04 Product Reviews

See what other builders are saying.

Color me impressed. But not with liquid flash please. In love with this stuff. Nate Stockard

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