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ZIP System™ Rainscreen

ZIP System rainscreen is the latest ZIP System solution to help builders achieve a high-performance wall assembly. It streamlines drainage and ventilation between sheathing and reservoir cladding systems. With easy installation, it provides an air gap and drainage plane to promote drying behind cladding systems. Now, teams can meet the new code-required 3/16" air gap and secondary water-resistive layer for stucco and adhered stone assemblies with a single rainscreen product[1].

01 Product Detail


Drainage and Ventilation Mat, 4'W × 65'L

Thickness 1/4"
Coverage 260 sq. ft.



Total Coverage

Drainage Efficiency

Code Recognized WRB[3]Exposure

Water Vapor Transmission



260 ft2ASTM E2273-Pass (≥ 90%)ASTM E2556- Pass90 daysASTM E96 Method B-~7 perms

02 Why It Works

Enhanced wall assembly drainage and ventilation in one.

  • Ventilation Behind Cladding

    A ¼" drainage mat creates an air gap between the exterior wall sheathing system and the cladding system to promote drying within the wall assembly.

  • Integrated Secondary Water-Resistive Layer

    Heavy-duty fabric layer installs outward against the cladding system to help meet secondary water-resistive layer needs[1] for “reservoir” or “absorptive” cladding (like adhered stone or stucco) when taped at vertical seams with ZIP System™ flashing tape.

  • 90-Day Exposure

    Engineered to meet jobsite demands, ZIP System rainscreen can remain exposed during construction for up to 90 days.

  • Durability

    Features a rigid, entangled mesh screen design with high-compression strength to effectively provide ventilation and drainage performance over time.