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AdvanTech™ Subfloor Adhesive

Unlike traditional caulk adhesive, AdvanTech subfloor adhesive applies quickly, provides up to eight times more coverage[1] and delivers a bond two to five times stronger than the ASTM[2] standard. Your floors will never feel the same with AdvanTech products protecting them against squeaks, bounce and pops.

  • Starter Kit Three-Piece Combo

  • Subfloor Adhesive Case

  • Adhesive Applicator Gun 14"

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Say goodbye to floor squeaks.

With a unique foam-to-gel formula, AdvanTech subfloor adhesive can be applied on wet or frozen wood[2]. And when you combine it with the moisture resistance, strength and fastener-holding power of AdvanTech subfloor panels, you get a subfloor assembly backed by the industry's only Squeak-Free Guarantee™[3].

Starter Kit Three-Piece Combo

CASE 6 cans of adhesive, 1 gun, 1 cleaner

Subfloor Adhesive Can

CASE 6 cans

Subfloor Adhesive Case

CASE 6 cans

Adhesive Applicator Gun 14"

CASE 4 guns

Adhesive Dispensing Polyurethane Gun Cleaner

CASE 6 cans

02 Why It Works

Discover why builders have made the switch from traditional caulk adhesive.

  • 8x More Coverage

    Install more panels faster with 8 times more coverage than traditional cartridges[1].

  • Squeak-Free Guarantee

    With AdvanTech Subfloor Assembly, the panel-to-joist connection is so strong you won’t hear a squeak — guaranteed[3].

  • Polyurethane Bonding Strength

    Bonding power that’s two to five times stronger than industry ASTM[2] standard.

  • Adheres to Wet & Frozen Wood

    Adheres to wet and frozen wood down to 20°F[4].

  • Quick & Easy Application

    40% faster application with long-reach applicator.

  • Apply Between 20°F & 105°F

    An ideal solution for not-so-ideal weather conditions.

04 Product Reviews

See what other builders are saying.

The science behind the #AdvanTech adhesive is super cool. A foam that quickly settles out into a gel/goo, great for working in wind. Joel McIntosh

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