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ZIP System™ Flashing Tape

ZIP System flashing tapes are not your average industrial tapes. Made with advanced acrylic adhesion specially formulated for application over a wide temperature range, ZIP System tapes are pressure-activated to create a powerful bond that gets stronger over time. When used as part of a ZIP System building enclosures system, they are covered under a 180-day Exposure Guarantee and 30-year limited warranty[1].

  • 3-3/4" × 30'

  • 3-3/4" × 90'

  • 6" × 75'

  • 9" × 50'

  • 12" × 50'

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01 Products

3-3/4" × 30' Flashing Tape

Best for smaller projects

3-3/4" × 90' Flashing Tape

Standard for panel seams, windows and doors

3-3/4" × 90' Vapor Permeable Tape

Great option for sealing unique environments that need higher permeance.

6" × 75' Flashing Tape

Standard for panel seams, windows and doors

9" × 50' Flashing Tape

Use for wider areas such as outside corners

12" × 50' Flashing Tape

A perfect single-piece roof valley sealing option

ZIP System Tape Roller

“Z” impression on tape provides visual indicator of where tape has been rolled

Nominal Width

Roll LengthTape ThicknessAdhesive Technology

Code Evaluation Report

Installation Temperature RangeExposure

Tensile Strength

3-3/4"30' and 90'12 milsAcrylicESR 2227

AAMA 711: Pass

180 days938 psi400–800%

03 Why It Works

Performs even in the toughest conditions.

  • Variety of Surfaces

    Bonds to a variety of surfaces to tackle your toughest flashing jobs.

  • Cold Temperature Application

    Can be applied in temperature applications as low as 0°F.

  • Enhanced Acrylic Adhesion

    Advanced acrylic technology provides a strong, tight bond for an effective seal, even around fasteners.

  • 180-Day Exposure Guarantee

    Backed by a 30-year limited warranty and 180-day Exposure Guarantee when used with ZIP System sheathing[1].

  • Repositionable Material

    Can be pulled up and reapplied for hassle-free installation.

  • Weather Barrier

    Top layer provides effective tack during installation for safety.

05 Product Reviews

See what other builders are saying.

PSA. Not public service announcement but pressure sensitive adhesive. Did you know that is the reason why manufacturers want you to roll the tape? Because the pressure makes the tape adhere. Jake Bruton

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