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Bring your best to every jobsite, every time.

01 AdvanTech Family of Products

Three innovative solutions backed by the brand builders trust.

02 What Is AdvanTech

Engineered to bring performance, quality and confidence into every build.

  • Moisture Resistance

    Protect your build from costly callback and re-work delays for swelling, cupping and delamination, with AdvanTech subflooring, which is known for standing up to the toughest jobsite conditions.

  • Strength & Stiffness

    With AdvanTech subflooring, you can expect panels to go down fast, stay flat and deliver a strong base for years to come.

  • Fastener-Holding Power

    The high wood density and advanced resins inside AdvanTech products securely hold floor fasteners in place, helping to reduce nail pops and floor squeaks.

  • Squeak-Free Guarantee™

    Used together, AdvanTech products give you a bond so strong it's backed by the industry's only Squeak-Free Guarantee[1].

04 Subfloor Assembly

Finally, a subfloor assembly that works as hard as you do.

Engineered with long-lasting strength, moisture resistance and nail-holding power, AdvanTech subflooring is the brand builders trust for a quality subfloor. When you combine the strength and moisture resistance of AdvanTech panels with the bonding power of AdvanTech subfloor adhesive, you get a panel-to-joist connection so strong you won’t hear a squeak — guaranteed[1].

Subfloor Panels Subfloor Adhesive

Homebuyer Benefits

Discover how AdvanTech™ Subfloor Assembly delivers peace of mind and peace and quiet.

05 AdvanTech Sheathing Panels

AdvanTech-level quality is not just for the floor.

The moisture protection and strength of AdvanTech panels go beyond your flooring assembly to cover roof and wall applications too. Strengthen your next build with the engineered wood brand builders trust.

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