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Efficiency on the job and for the home

Uncontrolled air leakage causes more than 30 percent of home energy costs according to the U.S. Department of Education. That’s why architect and designer Lyndl Joseph of Great Seal uses ZIP System® sheathing and tape in her homes. Architects like Joseph are relying more on high-quality, energy-efficient products to achieve certification for strict energy code. Code-compliant ZIP System sheathing and tape creates a rigid air barrier that reduces air leakage, leading to greater efficiency and cost savings for homeowners.

Case Study: Great Seal Architecture U.S. Department of Energy on Air Sealing in New Construction

Prevention is key

All climate zones come with unique challenges. In coastal climates, high-winds pose unique resiliency concerns. Todd Piper of Tidal Wave Construction in Carolina Beach, N.C. is all too aware of construction concerns in these areas. That’s why he builds his homes to FORTIFIED Home™ national resilient building standards – giving homeowners peace of mind and opportunity for reduced home insurance premiums. Piper uses ZIP System® sheathing and tape on the roofs because during high winds, even with the loss of, the house is built with a protective, easy-to-install sealed roof deck to protect against water intrusion. This practice sets Piper apart from other builders in his area, as he says, “only the best builders use this product.”

White Paper: Protecting Homes in High Wind Zones with Resilient Roof Products & Practices ZIP System sheathing and tape for resilient roofs

Missouri builders zip through timelines

With a built-in water-resistive barrier that eliminates the need for housewrap, ZIP System® sheathing and tape streamlines weatherization to help meet high-pressure timeline demands. In multifamily construction where projects include multiple crews, multiple buildings and unpredictable weather conditions, time savings can have exponential benefits. For Bramblett Hills Apartments in Missouri, ZIP System sheathing and tape was specified by M.W. Weber Architects for timeline efficiency. They used 218,000 square-feet of ZIP System panels for 204 apartments in 17 three-story buildings, 87 garages and a clubhouse. With an ambitious goal of completing a new building every 30 days, ZIP System sheathing and tape helped efficiently meet aggressive dry-in schedules.

Case Study: ZIP System Sheathing and Tape Transforms Multifamily Apartment Project

Stop squeaky floors in their tracks

You’re tip-toeing around the house, trying to avoid making everyone suffer your early-morning workday start, when “CREEEEEK” – the floor squeaks and your cover is blown. Protection against squeaks starts with a solid base. Squeaks are the result of materials rubbing together underfoot. A high-quality subfloor system helps grip fasteners in place and provide a flat, stiff substrate for floor coverings and connection for floor joists. AdvanTech® subflooring is trusted by companies like Dream Finders Homes to provide dependably quiet, stiff floors for years to come. Featuring a Lifetime Limited Warranty and No Sanding Guarantee, AdvanTech subfloor panels are a core component of quality-built homes for Patrick Zalupski, president of Dream Finders. The company built an estimated 600 homes in 2015 and 100 percent of those used AdvanTech flooring. Zalupski says that “you can really feel the difference with AdvanTech flooring. It’s much sturdier and quieter to walk on.”

Case Study: Recipe for Success, High-Performance Products Guarantee a Quality Build

Floating floor systems that stay flat

Multifamily design has a natural pre-occupation with mitigating sound. High-performance subflooring can contribute to quiet living spaces for both occupants and neighbors below. Janos Spitzer of Janos P. Spitzer Flooring Co. uses AdvanTech® panels in two-layer floating subfloor assemblies in his high-rise residential projects in the New York City area. To limit sound transmission, the subfloor assembly floats above the concrete slab without any mechanical connection. AdvanTech panels are uniquely engineered with advanced resin technology and high wood density for a strong, stiff base that installs fast and stays flat. For Spitzer, AdvanTech subflooring lays the groundwork for his beautiful custom hardwood designs.

Case Study: AdvanTech Panels Integral Part of Floating Floor Systems in High-Rise Residential Projects

Weathering the storm

Ever have those months when you can’t remember the last afternoon you didn’t have an afternoon storm? If you build in high wind zone areas, you can not only likely identify with the extra time needed to repair torn housewrap on walls, but you may also know the pain of scheduling a roof dry-in to avoid felt or roof deck repair. Coastal builders like John Price of Sapphire Homes use ZIP System® sheathing and tape on walls and roofs to replace the need for housewrap and roof underlayment. With a built-in continuous water-resistive barrier and taped panel seams, ZIP System sheathing and tape helps Sapphire Homes projects achieve a quick rough dry and meet sealed roof deck requirements for FORTIFIED Home™ resilient building standards.

Case Study: Coastal Builder Uses Next Generation Roof Decks to Help Fortify Homes Against Storms ZIP System sheathing and tape for resilient roofs

Added value and added R-value come standard with ZIP System® R-sheathing

Whether building to new energy code requirements or advanced thermal envelope performance, design and construction teams are looking to continuous insulation to add R-value to exterior walls. In a typical wood-framed wall, thermal bridging occurs at each stud, plate, and header, reducing the effective overall R-value of the wall. Exterior continuous insulation helps reduce thermal bridging and contributes to overall energy efficiency. Progressive builders like Carl Seville of SK Collaborative use ZIP System® R-sheathing and tape to not only include continuous insulation in their enclosure design, but also a built-in rigid air barrier, water-resistive barrier and nailable engineered wood panel – all in one easy-to-install sheathing system. Available in multiple insulation thicknesses, ZIP System R-sheathing panels are advancing exterior walls in all climate zones.

Builder Spotlight: A Game Changer for Green Home Construction

Protecting your home during hurricane-grade wind and rain

Every year, storms cause hundreds of millions - sometimes billions - of dollars in damage to homes. The first line of defense is a strong, resilient roof. Based on recent findings from The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS), ZIP System® Roof Assembly is the first manufacturer-warranted roof sheathing system that meets the sealed roof deck standards for a FORTIFIED Roof™.

The unique integrated panel system with sealed panel seams using the advanced acrylic bond of ZIP System™ flashing tapes creates a dependable, resistant deck that can protect a roof from damaging water intrusion in the event high-winds blow off roof coverings. As demonstrated by IBHS, it can withstand high wind and rain, resulting in a well-protected interior and dry attic.

ZIP System FORTIFIED Roof Fact Sheet