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Jake Bruton Appreciates the Process of Better Building

Jake Bruton has always craved just a little more time to make his projects better. It’s that same drive to find a better way of doing things that has since found its way to his construction company, Aarow Building.

Jake Bruton Carving Wood

“Since taking over Aarow Building 11 years ago, I have strived to set our company apart by using better products and processes,” Bruton said. “I take pride in the work I do each day, and I want to provide homeowners with a house that is better built, will last longer, and will be healthier and more comfortable to live in.”

Jake Bruton Drinking Coffee

Bruton brings 20 years of carpentry experience to the job each day, which starts as early as 4 a.m. and involves constant collaboration.

“We handle problem-solving as a team,” Bruton said. “That way, everyone involved can learn and take that practice to the next job.”

Bruton laying huber wood flooring for house build

For Bruton, it’s not always about rushing to meet the deadlines. With a consistent focus on quality, he leads his teams to consider the details and be purposeful each step of the way.

“I decided by focusing on quality I needed to allow myself to go, ‘well, it’s OK it’s going to take a little bit longer to go the last five steps,’” Bruton said.  

Upclose Wood Shaving

Building is focused on making homeowners happy by bringing its best work to every job, no matter the size.

“Whether it is a bathroom remodel or a newly built custom home, our work brings joy to the homeowner when it’s finished,” Bruton said. “The only way to ensure that happens is to pay attention to the details and take pride in the work we are doing each day. This is something that varies significantly from old- school methods of construction.”

Crews unloading advantech wood flooring

To build better, more durable and energy-efficient homes, Bruton spends time developing relationships with quality subcontractors and product manufacturers, so he has a like-minded team he can trust.

“We work with manufacturers like Huber Engineered Woods because they not only provide us with high- quality products, but they also provide us with quality service. Being granted access to reps who help us solve issues is hugely beneficial to us as a company, and it goes above and beyond the type of support we receive from other manufacturers.”

Learn more about Jake and how he brings his A-game to every build by watching his episode of "Bring Your A-Game" on YouTube now. 

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