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How Passion is Rewriting the Building Industry's Story

Wade Paquin has always had a deep-rooted passion for the construction industry. If you ask him, he’ll even tell you that he was born with sawdust in his blood. It’s that love for craftsmanship and hunger to solve challenges that drive him to create high-quality, long- lasting homes for his Rhode Island clientele.

crew building house

“I grew up in the industry,” Paquin said. “My dad is an incredible craftsman, and I’ve always been wowed by his abilities. As a teenager and through college, I did a lot of work with framing crews. It was very challenging and therefore attractive to me.”

Today, Paquin takes pride in owning his own construction company, WKP Construction, and building truly custom spaces for his clients — many of which end up turning their Rhode Island summer homes into primary residences.

“When I finish a project and I stand and look back at it, I get goosebumps sometimes,” Paquin said. “The problem-solving, the satisfaction, the hands- on aspect of it with that reward at the end are incredibly addicting to me.”

Wade Paquin owner of WKP Construction

That satisfaction and passion for the work are feelings Paquin hopes will continue to change the industry for the better.

“Even in the last few years, our industry has taken major leaps forward with everybody elevating their game and paying more attention to detail, execution and building science,” he continued.

Those details go hand in hand with the use of innovative products such as AdvanTech subflooring, a product WKP Construction has been using for decades.

WKP Big House on the Lake

“The innovation behind AdvanTech products and having access to a team who is passionate about the product they are putting out there are infectious,” Paquin said. “For years, the construction industry has had a bad rap, but the product innovation and attention to detail we’re starting to see are a step in the right direction to rewrite the story of builders and contractors.”

When it comes to the future of building, Paquin is unsure of where things are headed, but he says his story is just getting started.

“I feel more inspired and motivated now than I ever have,” said Paquin.

Learn more about Wade's work by watching his episode of "Bring your A-Game" on Youtube now.

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