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PerformMAX engineered wood products are manufactured to be stronger and more dimensionally stable than plywood. These moisture-resistant products increase quality and efficiency in many industrial applications including transportation, furniture, countertops, cabinets and more.

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Why It Works

A smart, versatile solution.

  • Integral Smooth Surface

    Gives a paintable “finished” appearance that is ideal for a variety of design applications.

  • Protective Overlay

    Blocks stains from wood extractions and provides an appealing matte black or tan surface.

  • Low Moisture Absorption

    Moisture-resistant resin technology minimizes linear expansion, thickness swell and warping.

  • Structural Integrity

    No core voids, solid edges, stronger fastener-holding properties and no delamination provide excellent machining characteristics.

  • 25-Year Limited Warranty

    Backed by a 25-year limited warranty[1].

  • Meets FMVSS No. 302 Requirements

    Passes all testing requirements for motor vehicle standards.

02 Composition & Materials

Composition & Materials

PerformMAX panels are manufactured by blending precisely cut wood strands with our advanced resin technology. The strands are then oriented in a four-layer process in which two core layers are oriented perpendicular to the two surface layers. A very durable resin-impregnated overlay is applied to the surface and the combination of strands then the overlay is pressed under high heat and pressure to form an extremely durable panel.