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ZIP System™ Stretch Tape Available in Additional Size

ZIP System stretch tape, a popular innovation from Huber Engineered Woods LLC, is now available in a 10-inch width. A complement to ZIP System® sheathing and tape for exterior walls and roofs often used in multifamily wood-framed construction, the new wide-width tape especially helps flash projects with deeper window assemblies. Like the originally-introduced 6-inch ZIP System stretch tape, the new size provides speed and ease of application on the job with a single-piece installation solution that stretches in all directions for an air- and water-tight seal.

“ZIP System stretch tape has gained significant traction in the marketplace since its nationwide launch last year at the International Builders’ Show,” said Brent Flotkoetter, general manager of ZIP System® products. “Its versatility and ability to be repositioned make it a popular choice among builders for quickly flashing everything including sills, penetrations and curved architectural details.”

ZIP System stretch tape is a one-piece installation flashing tape unlike any other product on the market. Made of a high performance composite acrylic, it easily stretches to fit curves and corners for easy installation with a strong seal even over mismatched surfaces. The strong adhesive bond helps prevent air and moisture from penetrating structures, which can be a critical component of energy efficient building strategies.

ZIP System stretch tape is available is 6 and 10-inch widths and 75-foot lengths and is covered under the ZIP System products 30-year limited warranty, when used with ZIP System sheathing[1]. For more information about ZIP System stretch tape visit

^1^Limitations and restrictions apply. See for details.

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