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Manufacturer Jobsite Training Mitigates Risk

From El Paso to Houston, Amarillo to Corpus Christi, and Dallas to San Antonio, multifamily jobsites across Texas are receiving hands-on installation training, thanks to Huber Engineered Woods’ new traveling technical services program.

“ZIP System® sheathing and tape has become a replacement for traditional sheathing and housewrap for many single family and multifamily building teams,” said ZIP System Products General Manager Brent Flotkoetter. “The new installation training program is a service we provide to help make the transition to ZIP System products even easier.”

The Huber Engineered Woods installation training program is led by the company’s Product Engineering team. Courses are delivered both on jobsites to framing crews and to consultants and project managers at their local offices. Using videos, mock wall trainings and even course completion quizzes, the program equips teams with best practices to maintain continuity of exterior air, water and thermal barriers.

“On large-scale projects, it’s easy for crews to miss small details that could put buildings at risk for water leaks – especially around windows and other openings,” said Adeel Ismaili, building enclosure specialist for Huber Engineered Woods. “Our traveling classroom is designed to teach best practices for maintaining continuity of air and water barriers to help prevent these issues.”

Common framing mistakes can be costly. According to Ismaili, the labor time and material costs to remediate a single window can be hundreds of dollars, depending on the cladding. Proper training used in combination with a solution like ZIP System sheathing and tape that is designed to streamline installation with a built-in water-resistive barrier, can help mitigate risk.

“When we visit a jobsite, we use their project for demonstration,” Ismaili said. “But if it’s in a stage where the panels aren’t up yet, we have demos and a mock wall so builders can get a hands-on experience with key areas to learn how to address them.”

The Huber Engineered Woods installation training program is currently touring Texas, with plans for expansion in 2018. To learn more, contact Adeel Ismaili at

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