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Huber Engineered Woods Announces New Magnesium-Oxide Panels for Multifamily and Light Commercial Flooring

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (February 12, 2021) – Leading building products innovator Huber Engineered Woods has introduced a new brand to join AdvanTech subfloor assembly and ZIP System building enclosure products with EXACOR™ Magnesium-Oxide (MgO) panels. The MgO structural panels offer builders a way to provide fire resistance1 and acoustical performance in multifamily and light commercial flooring assemblies. The panels can be installed by existing framing crews and can eliminate the need for an additional subcontractor to pour the self-leveling gypsum underlayment commonly used in these assemblies.

As a component of flooring systems, EXACOR™ panels offer building teams an easy-to-work panel design featuring proprietary internal mesh fiber for structure and a Magnesium-Oxide formula for dimensional stability, fire protection1 and sound dampening.

Available in 1/2” (12mm), 5/8” (16mm) and 3/4” (20mm) nominal thickness options, EXACOR can help reduce both material needs and labor time compared to fire-rated floor assemblies that require gypsum underlayment. It can be used as both a subfloor underlayment over traditional OSB or plywood (UL 263 Design No. L528) and as a structural subfloor (UL 263 Design No. L601) and, as part of certain tested assemblies, has been shown to meet or exceed code minimums for STC/IIC ratings for dwelling separations without the use of gypsum underlayment. In fact, with EXACOR panels, builders can completely skip the extra step of adding gypsum underlayment in flooring applications for certain 1-hour fire-rated floor/ceiling assemblies without sacrificing sound protection (specifically, UL 263 Design Nos. L528 and L601).

“EXACOR panels offer structural characteristics approaching wood along with fire-resistance1 and sound ratings that can eliminate the need for gypsum underlayment, helping building teams save valuable time, resources and money,” said Kate Land, General Manager, MgO Products for Huber Engineered Woods. “We’ve listened to and learned from our trusted builder and architectural partners who align with the Huber philosophy of being curious about what better building could look like. We’re happy to offer yet another innovation for the multifamily and light commercial build site.”

For more information on the Huber Engineered Woods portfolio of products, please visit For more information on EXACOR, visit

1 Follow published fire-resistance rated assembly requirements and consult local building codes and designer of record for fire-resistant design requirements. E84 Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials conducted on 1/2-in. and 3/4-in.


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Building products innovator Huber Engineered Woods LLC has a reputation built on consistent product performance and commitment to its customers. Fueled by on-the-jobsite insights and building science principles, AdvanTech® subflooring and ZIP System™ building enclosure product solutions have changed the way construction teams build better buildings. AdvanTech and ZIP System products help streamline installation, while providing dependable performance as components of quiet, stiff floors and weather-resistant, tight building envelopes. With headquarters in Charlotte, NC and manufacturing facilities in Maine, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee and Oklahoma and a national sales team of over 100 members, Huber Engineered Woods provides specialty building materials to residential, multifamily and light commercial projects nationwide, through a national network of lumberyard and distribution partners. Visit to learn more.

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