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AdvanTech® Subfloor Previews the Squeak-Free AdvanTech™ Subfloor Assembly

AdvanTech™ Subfloor Adhesive Debuts at International Builders’ Show

Residential builders and remodelers who have experienced the pain of job delays or callbacks for squeaky subfloors will soon have access to a combination of AdvanTech® subfloor products to combat squeaks. Huber Engineered Woods LLC, a leading manufacturer of innovative building solutions, introduced the squeak-free AdvanTech™ Subfloor Assembly[1] this week at the 2016 NAHB International Builders’ Show.

The Assembly combines the unique strength, stiffness and moisture resistance of AdvanTech® subfloor panels with the heavy-duty polyurethane bond of new AdvanTech Subfloor Adhesive and deformed fasteners[2]. The combination turns subfloors into a powerfully bonded, panel-to-joist assembly. Heavy-duty AdvanTech Subfloor Adhesive helps eliminate differential movement between AdvanTech panels and joists, so fasteners stay put, floors stay quiet and homeowners stay happy.

“The AdvanTech subfloor panel is already known for its ability to stay flat. With the added bonding power of the new AdvanTech Subfloor Adhesive, the joist-to-subfloor assembly is so solid, it acts as a single unit and increases floor stiffness overall, which is key in eliminating squeaks between panels and joists,” said Jason Darling, general manager of AdvanTech products. “We are confident the squeak-free AdvanTech Subfloor Assembly will help builders save valuable time on the job site and give homeowners a long-lasting, solid base for their finished floors.”

The new AdvanTech Subfloor Adhesive is a foam-to-gel formula that applies quickly and easily with a gun applicator. Due to its moisture-curing polyurethane properties, it can even be applied to frozen or wet wood.

“A critical place where squeaks can generate is at the panel and joist connection. AdvanTech™ Subfloor Adhesive is the perfect complement to AdvanTech® panels because it carries speed and ease, strength and moisture-related benefits that professionals count on from the AdvanTech brand name,” said Darling.

With AdvanTech Subfloor Adhesive, the gun-applied foam collapses into a gel to help fill gaps for a firm bond even on irregular surfaces. The unique spray-on formula provides quick and easy application and yields eight times more coverage[3] than traditional caulk. Plus, its powerful polyurethane bond exceeds ASTM D-3498 adhesive standards[4]. When combined with AdvanTech subfloor panels and deformed fasteners, builders can count on a firm subfloor base that won’t bounce or squeak – a promise backed by a 10-year Squeak-Free Guarantee™ for the panel-to-joist connection[1]. AdvanTech subfloor panels are designed to provide powerful moisture resistance, strength, and stiffness that help panels stay flat with no sanding required, even after exposure to harsh job site conditions.

AdvanTech Subfloor Adhesive will initially launch, as part of the squeak-free AdvanTech™ Subfloor Assembly, in New England and New York in 2016. To learn more about the squeak-free AdvanTech Subfloor Assembly, visit Huber Engineered Woods at IBS in booth #C1808 or visit

1 See for details on the guarantee and definition of the AdvanTech Subfloor Assembly.

2 See for details on the Deformed Fasteners in the Squeak-Free Subfloor Assembly.

3 Coverage: One 24 oz. can of AdvanTech subfloor adhesive yields 400 linear feet of gel adhesive. Adhesive at ½” bead is compared to applying cartridge bead at 3/8”. Yield will vary based on substrate, style of application, weather conditions and bead size.

4 When tested in wet, frozen, gap filling and moisture cycling ASTM D-3498 test protocols

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