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EXACOR® Subflooring

EXACOR subfloor panels are fire-resistant, high-density, structural magnesium oxide cement panels. When used as a subfloor, EXACOR® panels can replace plywood and/or OSB subflooring in certain assemblies and can remove the need for gypsum underlayment.

  • Subflooring Panel, 3/4" × 4' × 8'

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Subflooring Panel, 3/4" × 4' × 8'

Panels Per Unit 22
Fire Resistance ASTM E119, ANSI/UL 263
Fire-Resistant Assemblies
(UL 263)
L525, L601, L602

Performance Category

Panel Size

Edge Profile

Fire-Resistant Assemblies (UL 263)

Approx. Weight Per Panel

Panels Per Unit

Nominal 3/4" Thickness (20 mm)Nominal 4' × 8' (1224 mm × 2438 mm)Tongue and Groove

L502, L525, L601, L602, M500

144 lbs.22

02 What Is MgO

Magnesium oxide (MgO) offers simple strength and streamlined installation for a building panel with exceptional workability.

MgO panels are cementitious panels that are primarily made of inorganic materials reinforced with layers of glass fiber mesh. EXACOR® MgO panels are manufactured to provide a streamlined solution for strength, fire resistance and sound performance.

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  • Speed & Ease of Installation

    Installs with just a single trade and can eliminate the need for gypsum underlayment.

  • Sound Absorption

    Can help achieve sound ratings when used as a part of a STC/IIC-tested floor/ceiling assembly.

  • Fire Resistance

    Inherently fire resistant throughout and provides fire resistance as part of fire resistance–rated wall and floor/ceiling assemblies.

  • Durability

    Tough enough to handle jobsite conditions, withstands exposure to moisture and does not warp, expand, cup or delaminate like other (wood) panels do.

  • Inherent Strength

    Contains a proprietary layered mesh reinforcement for added structural value.

  • Quality Assurance

    Manufactured under a quality control program with inspections by ICC-ES and Underwriters Laboratory (UL) to ensure consistent product performance.

  • Optimize Material & Labor Costs

    High-performing material that may save time and help reduce materials and trades needed to install.

05 Warranty

Enhanced Experience

If you’re building a multifamily or light commercial project, register your project and complete a preconstruction meeting to access the full range of technical support and warranty benefits for your build, including a transferrable warranty. Review full warranty details and access project registration at the link below.

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