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9 Things You Need to Know About AdvanTech X-Factor® Subflooring

5 Min Read August 4, 2021

AdvanTech X-Factor® subflooring panels are the latest innovation from the subflooring brand builders have trusted for more than 20 years for the FLAT OUT BEST™ start to a quiet, stiff floor.

With an integrated, fade-resistant, water-shedding surface, AdvanTech X-Factor elevates the moisture-resistance expected from an AdvanTech® subflooring panel, and, when paired with AdvanTech™ subfloor adhesive and an engineered truss system affixed with deformed fasteners, qualifies for a Squeak-Free Guarantee1.

Intrigued by our latest innovation to the AdvanTech product portfolio? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, answered.

How is AdvanTech X-Factor different from traditional OSB and plywood subfloor panels?

Unlike common OSB and plywood panels that can show flaking, delamination or discoloration from exposure to daily jobsite stress, AdvanTech X-Factor has a built-in layer to protect the panel surface quality and appearance. The integrated, water-shedding top layer provides a distinctively smooth, even, premium subfloor surface that is marker-friendly and easy to clean.

AdvanTech X-Factor outperforms plywood and commodity OSB subflooring panels with superb fastener-holding power to keep floors quiet and flat, combined with bending stiffness and strength to minimize floor bounce.

How is AdvanTech X-Factor different from other AdvanTech subflooring panels?

AdvanTech X-Factor offers the same strength and stiffness as other AdvanTech subflooring panels, but with higher moisture performance through the added feature of the top layer.

By separating bulk water entirely from the wood fibers of the panel, the top layer provides premium moisture resistance, as well as a flat, consistent surface on both single-family and multifamily projects.

For builders, the integrated top layer enhances the moisture resistance teams expect from an AdvanTech panel, even after exposure at the jobsite.

Both AdvanTech X-Factor and AdvanTech subflooring panels are backed by a lifetime limited warranty and 500-day no sanding guarantee.2

What is distinct about the top layer of AdvanTech X-Factor subflooring that makes it unique?

Based on customer research, custom builders needed a more durable high-performance subflooring panel for longer construction cycles, and AdvanTech X-Factor seeks to address that need. The product takes the resin technology and strength of AdvanTech and combines it with the innovative water-resistant overlay technology of ZIP System® sheathing, with features specially designed for subflooring applications.

Fused on to the panel during the press process, the top layer has a textured imprint, increasing traction on a wet panel.

This water-shedding layer also provides a distinctively flat, premium subflooring surface that is both marker-friendly and easy to clean.

Is AdvanTech X-Factor compatible with hardwood floors?

AdvanTech X-Factor is engineered for the evolving needs of craft builders. This includes compatibility with a wide range of finished flooring styles. In particular, hardwood floors are advised to be applied with #15 felt or equivalent per the flooring manufacturer’s instructions. However, with glue-down assist applications, a compatibility check to determine if the glue is compatible with the AdvanTech X-Factor panel is recommended.

Always follow finished floor manufacturer’s instructions. For more installation and compatibility questions, download the AdvanTech X-Factor Installation Manual.

Is AdvanTech X-Factor compatible with tile floors and carpet?

For ceramic tile, builders should apply underlayment as required by ANSI A108 and install tile and underlayment following Tile Counsel of North America installation methods.

In light of AdvanTech flooring’s versatility, the product may also be installed under standard residential carpet or typical carpet pads. Per flooring manufacturer recommendations, commercial carpet, and glue-down VCT and sheet vinyl are recommended to have a minimum 1/4” (6mm) thick plywood underlayment on top of the AdvanTech X-Factor panel.

Always follow finished floor manufacturer’s instructions. For more installation and compatibility questions, download the AdvanTech X-Factor Installation Manual.

Will using AdvanTech X-Factor result in a cleaner-looking subfloor on the jobsite?

No matter the construction project, the appearance of your jobsite matters. AdvanTech X-Factor enhances the subfloor surface durability against weather like rain, snow and UV and the visible effects of jobsite challenges like foot traffic.

Can you write directly on AdvanTech X-Factor panels?

AdvanTech X-Factor panels are marker-friendly, making it easy for different crews on a jobsite to communicate with each other. Messages stay clear thanks to the panel’s enduring premium look that resists discoloration, flaking and delamination.

What does this new line of premium subflooring panels mean in terms of AdvanTech brand innovation?

As leaders of building innovation, successful creativity is a fundamental principle at Huber Engineered Woods. AdvanTech X-Factor is not only a product that represents a premium class of subflooring but also raises the bar for our team to continually create high-performance products that solve problems, meet specific customer needs and deliver on the jobsite.

Is AdvanTech X-Factor available now?

Available late 2021, this product may be limited in your area. Check with your local distributor or buying source to learn more.

1 Limitations and restrictions apply. Guarantee for panel-to-joist connection on an AdvanTech™ Subfloor Assembly. See

2 Limitations and restrictions apply. Visit the AdvanTech Residential Builder Warranty and/or Commercial Property Owner Warranty for details.