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3 Reasons You Should Choose AdvanTech® Subflooring

3 Min Read December 10, 2019

High-quality subflooring is integral to the performance and longevity of your home. Here are a few key reasons to insist on AdvanTech® subflooring.

1. Moisture resistance during and after the build.

Once construction begins, the average custom home build takes six months, which means your home is bound to be hit with rainfall a few times before it is complete. Heavy rain and long periods of exposure to the elements can take a toll on many wood-based building materials. Similar to a sponge, low-quality subfloors can soak in moisture during the build, which can lead to delays and rework during construction. It can also cause problems like nail pops, squeaks and uneven floorboards after the build.

Unlike commodity subfloor products, AdvanTech subflooring uses an advanced resin technology that helps panels resist moisture and grip fasteners in place to resist noisy movement between materials in the subfloor assembly. The result is floors that stay strong, flat and quiet.

2. Peace and quiet.

Have you ever had to zigzag through the baby's room or skip a stair to avoid hitting a squeaky spot in the floor? If so, it may be the result of moisture damage to your subfloors during construction, or poor nail-holding power in a weak subfloor product.

Low-quality subfloors that have a tendency to soak up moisture during the build and lack the strength to hold fasteners tightly leave your finished floors prone to squeaks. But a sturdy, flat subfloor keeps moisture out and nails in, mitigating squeaks in your home. By choosing AdvanTech subflooring, you're choosing the peace and quiet that should come standard in any custom home.

3. Stability for a lifetime.

If you think all subflooring is the same, think again. Perhaps you've heard dishes rattle in a hutch when walking through a dining room, felt the floor spring beneath your feet or experienced that one squeaky spot in the middle of the room. Unsteady, bouncy floors are a common problem — but they don't have to be.

Your subfloor should be strong enough to withstand the weight of everything that interacts with it. AdvanTech subflooring is designed to a higher level of strength than traditional subflooring1 to provide a dependably solid base for everything from midnight tiptoes and rambunctious kids to large appliances.

Builders who know quality is not just important in the materials you see, but also in the materials you don't see, choose AdvanTech subflooring. Does your builder build with AdvanTech subflooring?

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