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ZIP System Tape

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    We recommend you using 6” wide ZIP System tape for valley seams and for window and door flashing. If you do not have 6” wide ZIP System tape, we recommend that you overlap two pieces of the 3 ¾” seam tape by at least 1" in the valleys. Water tends to migrate towards the valleys and it is important to pay close attention to tape installation in these areas. The ZIP System tape gun kit comes with a valley/corner tool that will allow you to apply pressure to the tape in valley areas of taping.

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    How Do I Install ZIP System Tape?

    The ZIP System tape gun or ZIP System tape roller are specially designed for ease of tape application and can be purchased at your ZIP System wall retail locations. The gun and roller not only makes tape application fast and easy, it also provide a high quality tape seal.

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    Can ZIP System Tape Be Installed in the Rain?

    The surface of the ZIP System sheathing shoud be dry to the touch with not standing water or frost prior to tape installation.

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    Do I Need to Tape All of the Seams Between the ZIP System Sheathing Panels?

    Yes, in order for ZIP System sheathing to function as a roofing underlayment when used on the roof or as a water-resistive barrier and air barrier on the walls, all panel seams must be taped with ZIP System Tape.

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    How Many Rolls of Tape Do I Need?

    Although all projects are unique, experience has shown that 1-roll of tape is needed for approximately 7-sheets of ZIP system sheathing. This should only be considered a general “rule of thumb” when ordering materials with the understanding that some jobs may require more or less depending on specific project.

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    Do Fastener Heads Need to Be Taped Over?

    Overdriven fasteners do not necessarily void the ZIP System® sheathing warranty.  However, when a fastener misses the framing and results in a “shiner” or if a fastener penetrates roughly half way or more through the panel, steps must be taken to seal these penetrations.  Shiners should be removed and holes should be covered with ZIP System™ tape or ZIP System™ liquid flash.  Fasteners that penetrate roughly half way or more through the panel should also be covered with tape or liquid flash.


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    Can ZIP System Tape Be Installed in Cold Temperatures?

    ZIP System tape should not be installed when the temperature of the tape is below 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-17.7 degrees Celsius).