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    What are AdvanTech® subfloor and sheathing panels?

    AdvanTech flooring and sheathing is a type of wood structural panel that puts a world of advantages at your feet.  AdvanTech products are engineered with higher strength and stiffness and greatly enhanced dimensional stability.  State-of-the-art engineering results in a product with properties superior to PS-2 industry minimum standards for OSB and plywood and a panel so stable it does not require sanding due to moisture absorption.

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    How are AdvanTech subfloor and sheathing panels made?

    AdvanTech flooring and sheathing panels are bonded with an advanced resin technology system. Wood strands are mixed with resin and wax and pressed under heat to produce the wood substrate. The formula used has stood the test of time as AdvanTech flooring has been named number one in quality every year since 2002.[1]

    [1] Builder Magazine’s 2012 Brand Use Study; 6,000 builders surveyed.


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    Why are AdvanTech panels superior to plywood and OSB?

    AdvanTech panels were designed to compete against commodity plywood in strength, stiffness, and fastener holding power.  AdvanTech products are manufactured with advanced resin technology that creates a panel that is highly moisture resistant and stronger than plywood and OSB[1].  Design capacities for AdvanTech panels are provided within the ICC-ES Evaluation Report ESR-1785.  What does this mean to you?  It means you will have a stronger and stiffer floor.

    [1] ICC ES Evaluation Service Report, ESR-1785.


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    What is ESR-1785 and some of the benefits?

    Manufacturers of engineered strand products who produce products with properties superior to those established under PS-2 can now identify those products in an ICC-ES Evaluation Service Report. For years, builders and design professionals have had choices in dimensional lumber quality via grades – SS, #1, #2. Now, architects and builders have choices in panel products. AdvanTech panel values in ESR-1785 exceed  plywood PS-2 values and OSB PS-2 values in bending strength, stiffness and fastener holding power.

    ·         62% better design bending strength than PS-2 value OSB or plywood.

    ·         28% better design bending stiffness than PS-2 value OSB.

    ·         16% better design bending stiffness than PS-2 value plywood.

    ·         10% better design fastener holding power than PS-2 value OSB and plywood.

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    Can I leave AdvanTech panels exposed to the weather?

    AdvanTech panels carry an Exposure 1 bond classification. This means that they are intended to withstand weather exposure during the construction phase of a project. However, the panels are not intended for permanent exposure to the weather. AdvanTech panels, like most other wood products, are susceptible to decay if exposed to long-term high moisture conditions. Proper conditioning or ventilation of crawl and attic spaces, as well as correct installation of roof and wall coverings and application of flashing and caulking, will minimize problems due to excessive moisture.

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    What does AdvanTech flooring do in consideration of the environment?

    AdvanTech flooring is manufactured with the environment in mind. We utilize small, fast-growing tree species and use the process waste to fuel our facilities. In addition, we have implemented the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Program throughout all our wood procurement operations. The program incorporates company-wide procedures and policies that meet or exceed SFI performance measures for wood procurement and timber harvesting activities. See the Verification of Attributes report (VAR-1012) for additional information.

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    What happens if I have a problem with my AdvanTech flooring or sheathing?

    AdvanTech® flooring and sheathing come with a limited lifetime warranty[1] against manufacturing defects, which means a lifetime of peace of mind for you and your family.

    [1] Limitations and restrictions apply. Visit advantechperforms.com for details.


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    Aren't all subflooring and sheathing panels the same?

    No, AdvanTech flooring and sheathing are one of the first structural panels to be backed with a limited lifetime warranty. Manufactured with advanced resin technology, which creates a highly moisture resistant, stronger panel, AdvanTech panels offer homebuyers a superior choice in structural flooring and sheathing. In addition, AdvanTech flooring and sheathing panels offer their ESR-1785 report which documents industry leading published design value strength, stiffness and fastener holding power compared to industry standard PS-2 published design values for OSB and plywood.

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    Are AdvanTech subfloor and sheathing panels approved by building codes?

    AdvanTech panels are manufactured in conformance with PS-2, Performance Standard for Wood-Based Structural-Use Panels. AdvanTech panels are certified by PFS TECO. All accredited products bear the stamp of a qualified inspection and testing agency, such as APA or PFS TECO. Panels certified to PS-2 are code accepted by the ICC-ES as provided in ER-5637. Panels may bear stamps certifying conformance to both PS-2 and CAN/CSA-0325. CSA-0325 is a panel conformance standard maintained by the Canadian Standards Association. AdvanTech® panels are certified to be in conformance with requirements for U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD/FHA) Use of Materials Bulletin #UM-40C within the stamp.