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ZIP System® Featured in ProSales Magazine


This article originally appeared in ProSales Magazine on Oct. 25, 2013.

What Lies Beneath, Behind, & Above 
By Sarah Humphreys


Engineered-wood products are an integral yet hidden component of home construction, but like a lot of building materials, they’ve had their challenges. Newer products on the market aim to make the construction site a dryer, happier, and more attractive place.

One of construction professionals’ biggest complaints is that board swells when wet. In fact, in a recent survey sponsored by Huber Engineered Woods, nearly half of the respondents said they preferred getting a root canal to dealing with plywood flooring that has swelled after a rainfall.

The edges of board present a particular obstacle because when they get wet they swell, creating fitting problems during construction. Workers have gotten around this by sanding off layers around the edges, but this adds labor and expense.

Huber’s ZIP System takes the moisture protection and ease of installation a step further – actually, longer – with its long length sheathing, which boasts heights of 9 and 10 feet. Eliminating the need for housewrap, the product combines OSB with continuous built-in weather resistant barrier. Huber says the boards provide faster installation and easier compliance with energy codes, as well as increased energy efficiency for the homeowner.

“The introduction of the ZIP System long-length sheathing fills a void for builders looking for long-length panels incorporated with the innovative technology of ZIP System sheathing and tape,” says Charlie Robinson, ZIP System products general manager. “The panels’ long length is ideal for faster installation, and the ZIP System technology tailors that efficiency with superior moisture, air, durability, and overall quality.”


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