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Most New Orleans builders would rather get a root canal than deal with water-soaked plywood flooring


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – September 24, 2013 Nearly half the builders responding to a survey in New Orleans this month preferred “getting a root canal” to dealing with plywood flooring that has swelled after a rainfall, a common hindrance for construction workers in the South’s humid climate.  New Orleans-based builders provided these and other unique insights during a recent Katz Private Label Roadshow, sponsored by Huber Engineered Woods LLC, leading manufacturer of innovative building solutions.

The survey, which collected responses from 40 Gulf Coast builders at the Aug. 8 event, also revealed that 47 percent find dealing with rips and tears in roofing felt as frustrating as “a stubborn splinter,” and would spend more time on the golf course if they could build without housewrap altogether.

Chance Miller, whose family has been building homes in the New Orleans area for four generations, swears by Huber’s products when it comes to saving time on the jobsite. “ZIP System sheathing saves us a lot of time in the construction process,” says Miller. “Were we to opt for regular plywood or OSB panels, we’d be following with housewrap or felt that’s difficult to handle, takes more time, and can rip and tear.”

According to Miller, Huber’s ZIP System® long length sheathing is the fastest way to waterproof a home, saving him more time for leisure activities. He also prefers AdvanTech® Flooring for its water resistant properties.

“If I’m using regular plywood or OSB flooring and it rains before the roof is installed, those panels absorb that water and I no longer have a truly flush flooring system,” says Miller. “Compare that to AdvanTech flooring, which has water resistant sealing on all sides and offers a warranty just in case.”

Huber conducted the unscientific survey to highlight the benefits of several of its products including:

  • ZIP System® Sheathing – a one-of-a kind structural roof and wall system with a built-in energy-efficient barrier that keeps moisture out and reduces air leakage through walls while still allowing panels to properly dry.
  • ZIP System® Long Length Sheathing – a stronger Struct 1-rated panel that combines the benefits of a longer length panel and  ZIP System technology, eliminating the need for housewrap.
  • ZIP System® Flashing Tape – made of an advanced acrylic adhesive, which delivers a superior airtight and watertight seal for seam sealing and flashing. 
  • AdvanTech® Flooring – engineered for superior strength, moisture resistance, and fastener holding power, backed with a lifetime limited warranty and a 500-day no sanding guarantee.

For more information on ZIP System sheathing or AdvanTech flooring, visit www.huberwood.com.  


About Huber Engineered Woods

Huber Engineered Woods LLC continually strives to create innovative products that suit their customers’ needs. Each one delivers outstanding performance, easy installation and greater strength in single family, multifamily and light commercial projects. Huber’s ZIP System® Roof and Wall Sheathing are structural wood panels with built-in protective barriers, eliminating the need for building wrap or felt and providing a continuous rigid moisture and air barrier that optimizes energy efficiency. Additionally, Huber’s AdvanTech® Subflooring product is proven to achieve a superior combination of strength and moisture resistance — for subflooring that won’t swell, cup, delaminate or bounce even under the toughest conditions.  To learn more, visit www.huberwood.com

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