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Idaho Builder Selects AdvanTech® Flooring and ZIP System® Roof and Wall Sheathing to Complete Custom Homes in a Short Building Season


Dusty Bitton, owner of Pinetop Custom Homes, builds approximately 5-10 custom homes a year in McCall, Idaho and surrounding areas. Since McCall has the highest average snowfall in Idaho and the building season is only 5 months out of the year, Bitton must build his homes as fast and efficiently as possible. To complete his builds under these challenging conditions, Bitton uses AdvanTech® flooring and ZIP System® roof and wall sheathing due to their quick-installation and moisture-resistant properties.

“With a shorter building season in McCall, we try to complete our builds as quickly as possible while still maintaining the best quality of homes. We need products for our builds that are known for their moisture-resistant and quick-installation properties,” stated Bitton. “Thanks to the all-in-one systems, ZIP System roof and wall sheathing provides us with an alternative to structural panels and housewrap systems, which saves us time and money during the building process.”

ZIP System roof and wall sheathing are code recognized structural panels that have built-in protective barriers which eliminate the need for felt, H-clips and housewrap, making the products faster to install than traditional methods. ZIP System® products provide an instant 120-day rough dry-in, allowing builders to schedule subcontractors sooner, and ultimately complete the house in less time. The seams of the roof and wall panels are taped using ZIP System® tape, making the system easier and faster to install than traditional materials and preventing rework.

“At times we are unable to complete our builds before the heavy snowfall hits and must depend on moisture-resistant products to prevent any issues until we can continue the building process the next spring,” stated Bitton. “I began building a home last November using AdvanTech flooring and ZIP System roof and wall sheathing that was exposed through May. Although the homeowner was worried about mold, the strength and moisture barriers of the products prevented any issues, and we were able to resume building without any delay due to rework.”

AdvanTech flooring has greater water resistance, design bending strength and stiffness than commodity oriented strand board (OSB) and plywood which can tend to swell, warp and require rework, which slows the building process. It provides superior quality and the best warranty in the business – a limited 50-year transferable warranty and a 300-day no-sanding guarantee. AdvanTech flooring also has fastening guide marks and self-spacing tongue and groove for easy installation. All of these benefits help provide builders and homeowners with a quiet, stiff floor that can be installed quickly and easily.

“AdvanTech flooring and ZIP System roof and wall sheathing not only stand up to the weather and extreme conditions we face in McCall, but also help us complete our builds under tight deadlines” stated Bitton. “I am not sure why anyone would use anything but AdvanTech flooring and ZIP System products on their homes.”

For more information on Pinetop Custom Homes, AdvanTech flooring, and ZIP System roof and wall sheathing, visit www.pinetopmccall.com, www.advantechperforms.com and www.zipsystem.com.

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