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A revolutionary new approach to building enclosures, ZIP System® sheathing and tape streamlines the weatherization process with an integrated water- and air-resistive barrier that delivers moisture and air protection in one, easy-to-install system.

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Fortify your roof against the storm.

A strong roof is a home’s first line of defense against the damage caused by extreme rain and wind. Featuring a continuous weather barrier, ZIP System® roof sheathing and tape is the fast, easy way to build a sealed roof deck that meets resilient building standards by FORTIFIED Home™.*

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*Not all homes built using ZIP System ® sheathing and ZIP System™ tape will qualify for a FORTIFIED Home designation. Homes require compliance with all FORTIFIED Home™ technical requirements and inspections. Visit for details. 





Where code meets comfort.

Whether building to meet new energy codes or high-performance goals, ZIP System® R-sheathing streamlines water, air and thermal control. With built-in continuous exterior insulation and an integrated air- and water-resistive barrier, it eliminates the need for housewrap and additional exterior insulation in one, easy-to-install sheathing system. Find the right panel for your climate zone.

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Stretch it. Stick it.

No matter how tough your flashing job, it’s no match for ZIP System™ stretch tape. A single piece easily stretches to cover sills, curves, corners and wall penetrations for superior protection against moisture and air leaks, even over mismatched surfaces.

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