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Huber - Charlotte, NC

Marketing Technologist

Job Summary

HEW is seeking a Marketing Technologist to lead programming efforts across its quickly expanding marketing tech stack. This MarTech expert will execute critical data integrations and implement process management for analytics for the Marketing Communications (MarCom) function within HEW. The ability to work in a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines, while exhibiting excellent attention to detail is essential. This position will play a crucial role in enabling actionable marketing performance insights to a significant set of stakeholders across the organization. The Marketing Technologist will help establish KPIs, report ongoing performance and draw correlations with annual market research. As such, the ¬¬¬¬¬Marketing Technologist is a key collaborator in crafting data narratives for executive management and developing consumable visualizations to illustrate optimizations and opportunities. The ideal candidate has experience in identifying and reporting measures of success, marketing funnel metrics and database marketing effectiveness. Data mapping, API connections and dashboarding will also be essential skills required. Beyond day-to-day collaboration with MarCom teammates, the Marketing Technologist will have strong connectivity with analytics leaders in finance, product management and IT capacities. The Marketing Technologist will help build a new competency in data utilization that is integral to the future success of the company’s Marketing Department. The successful candidate is an inquisitive, self-driven technician with a collaborative, problem-solving mindset.

Job Description

Principal Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Manage creation and optimization of all marketing performance dashboards in Salesforce-integrated tool
  2. Be the primary consultant to all MarCom team members responsible for reporting on campaign and program effectiveness across: events, webinars, e-mail, social media, digital advertising, web content/UX, influencer marketing and public relations
  3. Develop customer and consumer insights through data analysis, to further customer acquisition and retention strategies
  4. Develop, recommend, implement and optimize use case tests across Salesforce-integrated platforms to explore customer acquisition and nurturing for greater marketing-to-sales alignment
  5. Manage and leverage digital agency resource for ongoing programming and new strategic initiatives
  6. Identify, assess, recommend, and implement new software/technology to improve marketing efficiencies
  7. Collaborate with MarCom advertising, social media, web and CRM program managers to refine measures of success reporting processes and visualizations
  8. Work with IT and other departmental analysts to ensure optimal data integration processes and security compliance
  9. Present monthly and quarterly reporting in conjunction with program managers
  10. Maintain consistent and purposeful communications with MarCom teams to fully understand strategy and objectives of branding and education programs
  11. Analyze market research data sets to understand customer and end user behavior including statistical analysis and cross tabulation of data.
  12. Prepare project reports that document the scope, benefits, resource requirements, and cost analysis when/where appropriate.
  13. Assist with the development of slide decks for leadership and board of directors’ meetings using data to tell a story.
  14. Perform and assume other duties and responsibilities as may be required at the direction of the HEW leadership teams.

Requirements & Preferred Competencies

  • Bachelor’s degree in business, computer science, or marketing preferred
  • 1-5 years of experience in programming, marketing operations, digital marketing, database management or analytics operations
  • Experience working cross-functionally in an agency or in-house role requiring technical acumen balanced with exceptional communications skills for broad audiences
  • Expert data organization using Excel, pivot tables and data mapping
  • Working coding knowledge of CSS, HTML, JavaScript and/or SQL/SOQL
  • Proficient in implementing API connections
  • Experience with data aggregation platforms such as Power BI, Google Data Studio, Tableau, Datorama or Sisense
  • Background in content marketing and CRM programming (e.g. Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo)
  • Working knowledge of Google Analytics and social listening platforms
  • Ability to use data to tell a story
  • Strong communication skills
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Problem solver
  • Must be vaccinated against COVID-19

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Our Benefits

Explore our competitive benefits package.

Benefits (Pre-Tax)

  • Medical Plan Options

    Huber offers you a choice of three medical plans with a range of coverage levels and costs, so you have the flexibility to select the option that’s best for you. Two of the three plans are High Deductible plans with an HSA. Our third plan is our Core Plan, with the option of electing an FSA.

    Huber’s medical plans include:
    Comprehensive, affordable coverage for a wide range of health care services.
    Flexibility to see any provider you want, although you’ll save money when you use Aetna’s nationwide network of health care providers.
    Free in-network preventive care, with services such as annual physicals, immunizations, well-woman and well-child exams, flu shots, and routine cancer screenings covered at 100%.
    Prescription drug coverage included with each medical plan.
    Annual deductible. You pay for initial medical and prescription drug costs until you meet your annual deductible.
    Coinsurance. After meeting the deductible, you pay a small percentage of eligible costs through coinsurance, then the plan pays the rest.
    Annual out-of-pocket maximums that limit the amount you’ll pay each year.
    Choice of four coverage levels: employee only, employee + spouse, employee + child(ren), or family (includes employee, spouse, and children).

  • Huber offers two dental plans that are designed with emphasis on preventive care, with cleaning and X-rays paid at 100% twice a year. There is a small deductible for both plans and the calendar year max for the plans are $2,000 or $1,000 respectively. Orthodontia is covered at 50% with a lifetime max of $2,000 for one plan and not covered for the other plan. Other services are covered for both plans at various rates, basic restorative care (fillings, root canals, etc.) at 80%, and major restorative care (crown/bridges, dentures) at 50% (applies to in-network providers).

  • Our vision plan is designed to provide for regular eye exams (once per year), frames (every two years), and lenses (each year), and contact lenses are covered at a discounted cost after co-pays and deductibles (applies to in-network providers).

  • Two of three medical plans offered by Huber are accompanied by an HSA.

    How does an HSA work?
    You can make tax-free employee contributions up to specific IRS limits.

    Tax-free company contributions.

    Huber will make the following contribution to your account if coverage is effective between January 1 and June 30:
    $500 for employee-only coverage
    $1,000 if you cover dependents

    If your coverage becomes effective July 1 through November 30, the amount Huber will contribute is:
    $250 for employee-only coverage
    $500 if you cover dependents

    • Keep your money. Unlike an FSA, the money in your HSA is always yours to keep and can be rolled over from year to year. You can take your unused balance with you when you retire or leave Huber.
    • Use it like a bank account. Pay for eligible medical, prescription, dental, and vision expenses for yourself and your family by swiping your HSA debit card or reimburse yourself for payments you’ve made (up to the available balance in your account). Keep in mind that you may only access money that is actually in your HSA when making a purchase or withdrawal. There’s no need to turn in receipts (but keep them for your records).
    • Invest more. Once you have a minimum balance (typically $1,000) in your HSA, you can open an investment account. There are a variety of mutual funds to choose from. There are also no transfer or trading fees and no minimum investment amount for a trade request.
    • Never pay taxes. Contributions are made on a before-tax basis, and your withdrawals will never be taxed when used for eligible expenses. Any interest or earnings on your HSA balance build tax-free, too.*

  • Pairs with the Core plan; also available if you waive Huber medical coverage

    Pay for eligible health care expenses, such as plan deductibles, coinsurance, and more.

    You may contribute any amount from $260 to $2,700.

  • Available regardless of medical plan election

    Pay for eligible dependent care expenses, such as day care for a child so you and/or your spouse can work, look for work, or attend school full time.

    You may contribute any amount from $260 to $4,550 for the year.

    Huber helps stretch your tax-free dollars even further by matching 10 cents for every dollar you contribute, up to an annual employer maximum contribution of $450.

  • Huber encourages you to play an active role in planning your financial future by contributing to the Employee Savings Plan through convenient payroll deductions and helps you share in the success of the company at the same time through contributions made by Huber on your behalf. A wide range of investment funds are offered, and investment changes can be made by phone or online. The 401(K) Savings Plan is administered by Voya. Employee contributions of 1% to 75% of your pay: To support your retirement savings efforts, Huber matches 125% of the first 5% of your eligible pay. Eligibility begins immediately and payroll deductions are made as soon as administratively possible following your enrollment.

  • Following each plan year, this feature provides for a tax-deferred company annual contribution of 5% of your eligible pay. The company’s contributions will be paid annually, provided you are employed for the 12-month period ending on December 31 of the eligible plan year.

Benefits (Post-Tax)

  • Huber provides you with basic life insurance so that you can protect those you love from the unexpected. There is no cost to you for this coverage. Your benefit amount will be two times your annual base salary.
    If you want added protection, you can purchase supplemental life insurance for yourself — one to four times your salary, up to a maximum amount of $1,250,000 combined between basic and supplemental coverage.
    You may purchase spouse life insurance policies of $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, or $100,000.
    Optional child life insurance provides $5,000, $10,000, or $15,000 of coverage per child from live birth to age 26.

  • Complement your medical plan

    Huber offers three different types of voluntary insurance benefits. You can choose any combination of the following, with benefits paid directly to you on a post-tax basis (unless assigned to someone else):
    • Critical illness insurance
    • Accident insurance
    • Hospital indemnity insurance

    Should you leave JM Huber or retire, you can take the policy with you and select from a variety of payment plans.

  • You may choose AD&D coverage for yourself only or for you and your family. Up to $300,000 combined for the family.

  • The loss of income due to illness or disability can cause serious financial hardship for your family. Huber provides you with basic long-term disability (LTD) insurance equal to 50% of your annual base pay, at no cost to you. You may increase your basic benefit by purchasing an additional 10%. The cost is based on your age and the level of coverage. The disability benefits you receive allow you to continue paying your bills and meeting your financial obligations during this difficult time.

No-Cost Benefits

  • You are eligible for this benefit the first of the month following six full months of continuous service. Huber will provide up to a maximum of 26 weeks of benefits.

  • Huber offers a $2,500 survivor benefit paid to your designated beneficiary upon your death.

  • There are many things you can do to help control your health care costs — using available preventive care programs, evaluating your health care choices and making sure any treatments are appropriate. The healthy choices you make today can lead to you and the company spending less on health care tomorrow. All Huber employees who participate in the Huber medical program will need to satisfy the following three qualifiers to receive lower premium contributions: Be a tobacco-free family, complete an annual physical and/or biometric screening, and complete the Cigna Health assessment questionnaire with numeric values.

  • As part of our Healthy Huber Initiative program, we’ve partnered with Fitbit to offer you the opportunity to get a new Fitbit activity tracker (one device per employee) at a preferred price. Huber also offers the opportunity to extend the invitation to friends and family for up to three devices per employee. Huber participates in monthly/quarterly challenges across the division and locations. If you participate, you have the chance to win from a wide range of selected prizes.

  • Tuition assistance is offered to full-time employees after 12 month of service at 90% reimbursement.

  • HEW Profit Sharing Plan is available to all employees and is based on Eligible Pay.

  • Employees earn annually two to five weeks of vacation based upon years of service. Also included are company-recognized and floating holidays.

  • Huber provides $200,000 of basic business travel accident insurance (BTA) at no cost to you. Coverage is limited to Huber business travel and doesn’t cover your normal commute to work each day.