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Installation Videos

  • 1
    Liquid Flash - How to Use the Trowel

    This installation video details how to use and resize the ZIP System Liquid Flash trowel.

  • 2
    ZIP System Sheathing - Taping T-Joints

    This installation tip shows how to properly tape T-intersections with ZIP System Tape.

  • 3
    ZIP System Tape - How to Remove the Release Liner from ZIP Tape

    Instructions on how to remove the release liner from the back side of the 6-inch ZIP System Tape. 

  • 4
    ZIP System Tape - Roll It

    ZIP System panel seams can be taped by hand. Once tape has been applied, just seal and smooth the tape with the J-Roller. This video details how an adequate, tight bond with ZIP Tape can be achieved. 

  • 5
    ZIP System Tape - Gun It

    You can install ZIP System Tape using the ZIP System Tape Gun. The gun seals and smooths the tape in one easy step.

  • 6
    ZIP System Tape - Load It

    Loading the ZIP Tape gun is easy, this video shows how. 

  • 7
    Liquid Flash - How to Use Liquid Flash to Seal Panel Seams

    This installation video shows how ZIP System Liquid Flash can be used in lieu of ZIP System Tape to seal panel seams. 

  • 8
    Liquid Flash - How to Load the ZIP System™ Liquid Flash Sausage Pack

    This installation video details how to load and remove the 20 oz. Liquid Flash sausage pack from the sausage gun.

  • 9
    How to Load the ZIP System Tape Gun

  • 10
    ZIP System Sheathing - Taping Roof Valleys

  • 11
    ZIP System Sheathing - Taping Ridge Vents

    This installation tip details how to properly tape a ridge vent with 3.75-inch ZIP System Tape.

  • 12
    ZIP System® Sheathing Roof and Wall Combo Panel Installation

    This video details how to install 7/16" ZIP System Sheathing on the roof. When spaced greater than 16" on-center, panel edge clips are required.