Huber Industrial Panels (HIP)

A new engineered wood panel specifically developed for industrial applications. Manufacturers will find that HIP features provide excellent benefits that are not typically found with commodity OSB or plywood panels.

Continuous PressManufactured on our state-of-the-art continuous press, HIP’s are available in oversized panels up to 288” in length.

HIP’s are produced with an advanced resin technology system for strength, stiffness, and moisture resistance throughout the panel.

Manufactured with a unique, homogeneous multi-layer construction eliminating core voids, knots and other problems found in commodity plywood, HIP’s reduce waste because they are a 100% usable.

With customized sanding options (up to 8’ panel widths), HIP’s provide a panel that is right for every application need.

Constructed with excellent stiffness and strength characteristics, HIP’s provide comparable or enhanced performance in a thinner, lighter panel.