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Washington-based Carpenter Silences the Squeaks

Tim Uhler, lead carpenter for Pioneer Builders in Port Orchard, Washington and contributing editor to Tools of the Trade and frequent contributor to JLC, knows a thing or two about building in wet conditions.

“We build across the bay from Seattle,” Uhler said. “You could say we get a lot of rain.”

Build after build, tubes of adhesive would get wet and turn to mush. Several years back, Uhler and his team tried out a can and straw adhesive but the product was poorly executed. When AdvanTech subfloor adhesive was launched this year, Uhler decided to give the can model another chance.

“We’ve been really happy with AdvanTech subfloor adhesive so far,” Uhler said. “We love how light the can is and that one can equals eight tubes* of the other stuff. It’s easy to use and works well, even in the rain.”

On his Instagram account, @awesomeframers, Uhler shares photos and videos from the jobsite, showing how he uses the product  – sometimes in creative ways (don’t miss the dancing post!)

“Even if you do an amazing job on the rest of the house, if homeowners hear squeaks they won’t think of you as high quality,” Uhler said. “Squeaky floors make homeowners question the rest of the build, and perception becomes reality.”

Since switching to AdvanTech subfloor adhesive, Uhler says their laying time has been cut in half, and moves much smoother.

“I’m surprised we haven’t jammed a gun yet,” Uhler said. “We haven’t experienced any negatives, we’re really pleased with this product.”

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* Coverage: One 24 oz. can of AdvanTech™ subfloor adhesive yields approximately 400 linear feet of gel adhesive at 1/2" bead compared to applying a 28 oz. cartridge adhesive at 3/8" bead. Coverage will vary based on bead size and weather conditions.

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