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Stronger, More Resilient Homes

A tenant of sustainable design is building structures that last. A term closely tied to the idea of structural durability is “resiliency.” Referring to a home’s ability for re-habitation after a disaster event, resiliency has the attention of homeowners, construction professionals and the insurance industry. A program like FORTIFIED Home™, created by the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety® (IBHS), is one example of how the interests of homeowners, builders and insurance companies are coming together to adopt higher building standards to help demonstrate a home’s ability to withstand disasters like hurricanes or high-wind events.

IBHS is a nonprofit research and communications organization that aims to strengthens homes, business and communities against natural disasters and other causes of damage. The FORTIFIED Home™ national resiliency standard aims to mitigate disaster-related risk through the use of innovative construction techniques. The program has been picking up speed in states that tend to see damage caused by high winds and hurricanes.

Learn how ZIP System sheathing and tape are used in the resilient building program to help strengthen homes against high wind damage in this Channel 6 news clip:

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