Huber Woods Environmental Commitment

ZIP System® sheathing and tape and AdvanTech® flooring sustainability overview

Utilizing and Replacing Renewable Resources for the Future

At Huber Engineered Woods LLC, we are a recognized leader in an industry that relies on the sustainable growth of natural resources. We are committed to the communities we serve, so conserving and protecting the environment we all share is a major focus throughout our organization.

Environmental Commitment That Goes Above and Beyond

We also adhere to our own Environmental Management System, integrating environmental considerations into our every day decision making. Each of our plants employs state-of-the-art environmental control equipment and maintains strict control standards to ensure that the manufacturing of Huber products has a minimal impact on the environment.

The bottom line is that we not only work in the communities where our facilities are located, we live and raise our families in those same communities.


Huber Engineered Wood Environmental Product Declarations


Huber Wood EPD Fact Sheet AdvanTech EPD ZIP System EPD TruSpec EPD